CERVICAL TRAUMATIC DISEASES                                (you will find the selected files in your downloads)

NB: The above pages, associated articles and presentations are in their original French version

- Two adjacent levels dislocation of the cervical spine managed via an anterior only approach  
Anouar Bourghli – Jean Marc Vital – Louis Boissère – Ibrahim Obeid – 2016

- Chirurgie des traumatismes récents du rachis cervical
T. Cloché – J-M Vital  /  EMC 2016

- Complete fracture of the lamina of the sixth cervical vertebra with hemiplegia: a case report

Anouar Bourghli - Clement Ribes - Ibrahim Obeid  - Louis Boissiere - Jean-Marc Vital – 2015

- Anterior surgery for injuries to the lower cervical spine (from C3 to T1)
                  JM Vital - O Gille - V Pointillart - L. Cariou - 2007

- Reduction technique for unit and biarticular dislocations of the lower cervical spine
                 JM Vital - O Gille - J Senegas - V Pointillart - 1998

-Rachis cervical chez le rugbyman professionnel: prévention spécifiques
JM Vital - J Berge - O Gille - J Senegas

- Therapeutic Alternatives in recent traumatology of the lower cervical spine
                 JM Vital


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