Pr Gille and Pr Vital’s department offers several training courses in the year:

- Anatomy Theory Course (PCEM1)

- Dissection as applied to spinal surgery

- Spinal Pathologies University Diploma and the Musculoskeletal System University Diploma, scheduled over two consecutive years - Continuing medical education

For advice and registration, please contact Mrs. Claudine Peyrot-Martin on 05 57 57 14 08 or by email:

The Spinal Institute, working with surgeons from Department, also hosts the following two events each year:

- One day of medical training focalising on spinal pathologies

- A more practical spinal surgery higher education course (over 3 days)

For advice and registration, please contact the secretary on 05 56 93 86 67 or by email:

Visits of varying duration for surgeons already confirmed, French or foreign, can be organised on request.  A training contract with Victor Segalen University allows a confirmed foreign surgeon spending at least 6 months at the Institute, to obtain his/her diploma.